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What Is Edge Website And Why Does It Matter?

To understand the edge website, you first need an understanding of edge computing.

What is edge computing?

As its name suggests, this is a type of computing taking place at the edge of the network. The network here can be on-premise or cloud-based.

The ‘edge’ here refers to all these devices relying on the central network to upload and download data. Such devices could include, but not limited to phones, laptops, robots, and sensors.

With such a basic understanding of edge computing, you are ready for what’s coming.

Here is a scenario:

In the context of delivering your website content to readers around the world, can you employ the idea of edge computing?

Well, as much as that sounds ridiculous, it is possible. Heck, it has been done by Olitt, a free website builder.

Here is the thing:

Instead of having the devices on the ‘edge’ of the network, say cloud, we have your users or visitors.

These users are accessing your website right from their location (wherever they are). But since you are leveraging edge computing technology, their experience is completely overhauled.


By taking the cloud to them.

Here is how:

Instead of relying on the centralization of cloud hosting to serve your website file to users, edge computing makes it possible to ‘take’ the whole thing to them.

About Olitt Edge Computing

Olitt comes with a global CDN with over 42 PoPs in 5 continents.

Do you know what this means?

It means that all the websites created on Olitt are edge websites. With all these PoPs, visitors can access your website or landing page fast, thanks to this CDN powered by anycast DNS.

With that said, I leave the rest to you. Experience this revolutionary innovation for free on

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