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Free Web hosting

Free Web hosting: Most of the people use the internet to access different pages. Surprisingly many of them don’t know how that happens.

How can you access a page or website online? There is an online store that helps you access what you want online.

Web hosting is an online service that enables companies and people to post on the internet or website.

Alternatively, it can be a space given by a web host on the server to allow a website to store files. It makes the viewing of those files available online.

Web hosting is likened to a physical store where files and data that enables your website to work correctly are stored. Thus you can say a website hosting is a process of renting or buying space to shelter your website worldwide.

Before we continue, let’s make some terms clear,

What is a website?

A website is a collection of files stored on a computer.

What is a server?

A server is a special computer connecting web users to your website from any place around the globe.

What is a web host/ web hosting provider? It is a company that provides technology and server space needed for your website to be available on the internet and allows users to search and view your web page online.

Having known this, let us move on.

How does web hosting work?

Once your host provider hosts your website, internet users access it through inputting your domain name (web address) in their web browser.

A domain name is a company’s address on the internet.

The computer connects to the server where your website is hosted through this domain name. Then the server sends files to the reader’s web browser.

Types of web hosting

Different types of web hosting are offered by web providers to serve various clients’ various needs, be it personal blogs or own online business.

Due to this, web hosting has been categorized into:

  1. Shared web hosting

It is crucial for beginners and smaller websites. It is cost-friendly and does not need any technical skills to start. It mostly favors bloggers and small businesses because it is also easy to set up. Shared-web hosting shares server resources with other websites. You are not the one controlling it and thus cannot do anything in terms of speed and resources.

  1. VPS hosting

You may be asking yourself what VPS stands for, Virtual Private Server. It is much better than shared web hosting. The central server is divided into several virtual servers from which the name originates. Individual websites customize them. They are suitable for small and medium businesses. For this reason, it behaves like a dedicated server with its resources: fast loading speed and high uprate, and it is cost-effective.

  1. WordPress hosting

It is specifically meant for the website using WordPress as CMS. It is intended for WordPress users.

  1. Dedicated hosting

It is the best in the web hosting. Here you host your website in a dedicated server that belongs to you. It is costly though it comes with advantages. You don’t share resources with other websites. You control everything starting from software, configuration, and anything you want. It has high uptime rates and high-speed loading. This hosting is meant for websites with high volumes of traffic or large enterprise.

  1. Cloud hosting

It is a hybrid version of VPS. It is cost-effective and comes with several remote servers. If one is down, the other takes over. It has high uptime rates, meant for medium and large business websites growing. It contains high security and has a high demand for scale resources.

  1. Reseller hosting

This hosting is for those wishing to start their own hosting companies. It involves buying website hosting from hosts and later resell the services to clients. You decide the price because you buy on wholesale rates from the host then make profits by selling to clients. This hosting is meant for agencies, web developers, and designers.

Do you know you can have your web hosting for free? free web hosting provides free web hosting services. You don’t have to pay anything at all.

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Features free web hosting comes with the following features

  1. Free SSL certificates
  2. Free storage space
  • Free domains names
  1. A lot of templates to create and design a web hosting
  2. CDN services
  3. High tech security
  • High speed and fast loading sites.
  • Has managed DIY website builder.


Why use free web hosting?

  1. No coding skills or technical skills required
  2. Fast web servers
  3. Has fast private cloud platforms
  4. Has fast SSL gateway
  5. CDN network
  6. Easy and fast to create
  7. It is free


Web hosting is a service that you require to publish a website and always be online. It allows you to interact and connect with millions of users globally. Types of hosting are depended on the functions they serve on the clients. Thus you need to choose what kind of web hosting you want for your business.


Do you want to get started today? Visit for more information.



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