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WordPress Hosting

Ending soon

60% Off

WordPress hosting

A WordPress Hosting that gives 100% control.

Truehost Cloud WordPress hosting comes with Total Power, Total Speed, Total Security, Total Flexibility, & Total Reliability for mission-critical projects.

Provision of a production-ready WordPress hosting in 58 Seconds

Why Truehost Cloud WordPress Hosting

Why Truehost Cloud WordPress Hosting

Truehost Cloud VPS infrastructure is built for performance, running with the latest hardware including Intel Xeon and AMD Ryzen processors, 512 GB RAM, and blazing fast NVMe SSD Disks.

The platform provides enough power to process thousands of transactions per second.

Every VPS comes with an un-throttled network connection of 100MB/s bandwidth to allow instant transfer of data in and out of the VPS.

Additionally, every host is connected to a redundant network link to ensure 99.999 network uptime.

Every VPS comes with a clean IPv4 IP address and an optional IPv6 IP address running on a secure and reliable platform. Enjoy latency-free VPS Servers.

Truehost Cloud VPS infrastructure supports Backup on demand, scheduled demand, and live snapshots; ensuring security and flexibility with data.

Enjoy a highly flexible and accessible VPS server. Every VPS comes with Root Access for customers to take full charge.

Truehost Cloud VPS Infrastructure support multiple security provisions for a Total Security experience. Some of the provisions include advanced AntiDDoS protection and a highly configurable Firewall that give customer additional options.

What Customers Say about Truehost Cloud WordPress Hosting?

WordPress Hosting FAQs

Find all the answers you need to know about WordPress hosting in Kenya

What is WordPress Hosting?

What is WordPress? 

What Does Hosting Do For Your Website?

Types of WordPress Hosting

How To Find a Good WordPress Host

How much does WordPress hosting cost?

Does WordPress work with any web host?

Does WordPress work with any domain name?

How do I install WordPress?

How do I update WordPress?

What is the Difference Between Shared Hosting & WordPress hosting?

How to make a WordPress website?

How can I transfer my WordPress site to Truehost?

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