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Is Facebook Monetization Available In Pakistan?

While Facebook’s lead has declined, it still has an exceptionally large number of active users: more than 3.0 billion, compared to 2.0 billion for Instagram and 1.2 billion for TikTok. This makes it a great option for generating money. But is Facebook monetization available in Pakistan?

Facebook is an online platform for social networking where people may sign up for free and connect with people who are friends, coworkers, or who share similar interests. As a result, a vast internet network is formed, connecting people all over the world.

However, it is not as simple to generate on Facebook. To maximize Facebook earnings in Pakistan, it’s important to understand your monetization eligibility and follow community guidelines.

This blog post will look at the various methods of Facebook monetization and how to maximize your earnings utilizing these features. From Facebook pages, groups, videos, and advertisements.

Earning money through Facebook – a possibility?

Before diving into the particulars of making money on Facebook, the first question to address is if it is possible to make money on the social networking platform. Furthermore, the question arises as to whether making money on Facebook is possible, particularly in Pakistan.

With over 4 billion daily views, Facebook has a significant revenue-generating potential. Recognizing this, Facebook has offered distinctive monetization tools that allow users to use their profiles and explore potential earnings in Pakistan.

While it is possible to retain a single account for personal use and monetization, it is preferable to establish separate accounts for personal and earning-related Facebook pages.

Eligibility Criteria For Monetization In Pakistan 

For those uncertain about their eligibility for Facebook monetization in Pakistan, it is strongly advised to verify it before commencing efforts to earn money through Facebook in Pakistan or elsewhere globally. 

This precaution can prevent potential issues and enable individuals to understand how to meet the requirements for Facebook monetization in Pakistan. 

If you are already deemed eligible, feel free to explore ways to generate income via Facebook in Pakistan or internationally.

How To Monetize Facebook Account In Pakistan?

Curious about how to monetize your Facebook account in Pakistan?

To monetize your Facebook account, it is essential to have a considerable number of followers on your page.

The prerequisites include:


– 600,000 minutes of watch time

– 5 active videos on your page

Moreover, you must be at least 18 years old to qualify for Facebook Monetization in Pakistan. To determine your eligibility, follow these steps:

1. Launch Facebook Creator Studio

2. Go to the Home Page

3. Click on the Monetization tab positioned on the right side

4. Review the Overview section to check which monetization options you qualify for

5. Input your details

6. Click on ‘Set up Monetization’

When learning how to monetize your Facebook account in Pakistan, it is crucial to understand that Facebook has three key categories to assess an account’s eligibility for monetization.

The key categories 

1. Facebook Community Standards

These serve as the fundamental rules and guidelines that every Facebook user must adhere to. Familiarizing oneself with these guidelines is essential when exploring how to monetize a Facebook account in Pakistan. They include restrictions on content such as alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, weapons, hate speech, misinformation, animals, real money gambling, certain healthcare products, and graphic and unsafe content, among others.

2. Partner Monetization Policies

These policies focus on the payment systems integrated into Facebook for financial transactions and online purchases. Ensuring compliance with these policies applies not only to your Facebook page but also to the content you publish.

3. Content Monetization Policies

This category governs the type of content published on your page, extending to every piece of content. Understanding and adhering to these policies are crucial to successfully monetizing your Facebook account in Pakistan.

Facebook Monetization Tools in Pakistan

To enhance your earnings through Facebook monetization in Pakistan, it is vital to familiarize yourself with the available tools and functionalities offered to content creators. 

Facebook presents a variety of monetization avenues that can empower you to generate income from your content while broadening your viewership.

1). In-stream ads

A fundamental tool at your disposal is in-stream ads, which enable you to earn revenue from brief ad interruptions in your videos. By activating in-stream ads, you can monetize your video content and reach a broader audience.

Here are some quick tips for making money on Facebook with in-stream ads:

Get to know your target audience by reviewing previous postings to discover which ones were “liked” the most. Understanding the types of material your audience already appreciates allows you to easily plan future videos.

Hook your viewers right away: the longer they watch your videos, the more adverts they see, and the more money you earn.

Place ads strategically: employ cliffhangers and follow-up ads to urge people to remain around after the ad and continue viewing your content.

Captions are essential for Facebook videos, as 85% of users watch them without sound. Use Moovly to automatically add captions to your videos; otherwise, you will miss out on a large audience.

2). Fan Subscription

Moreover, Facebook provides fan subscription options, allowing your followers to offer support through a monthly subscription fee in return for exclusive content and perks.

3). Branded content

Another crucial monetization resource is branded content, which facilitates collaborations with brands for sponsored posts. By partnering with brands, you can earn income through sponsored content and engage with new audiences.

4). Facebook’s Rights Manager

It is also imperative to utilize Facebook’s Rights Manager tool to safeguard your content and prevent unauthorized usage. Through diligent monitoring and management of your content rights, you can ensure fair compensation for your creative work.

5). Facebook MarketPlace.

Facebook MarketPlace is an excellent resource for finding amazing prices on a wide range of items and services. You can post as a seller to sell items, or you can buy items, flip them, and then resell them for a higher profit.

6). Referral Bonus Opportunities

Many companies provide referral fees to users who promote others to their platform. You can hunt for and share such referrals with your audience. 

You get rewarded whenever someone joins using your referral link.

7). Sell your expertise.

If you have a certain area of expertise, build a large following by offering useful information about it.

Once you believe you have a sufficient number of followers, you may monetize your skills by generating items or online courses that people will want to purchase.

8). Live Video Stars

Facebook introduced a tool called Live Video Stars. It is a technique to generate money by streaming a live video from your site.

You go live on Facebook video, and your viewers can buy and send you stars to show their support. When a viewer sends a star, they gain visibility on the live video.

This is another effort by Facebook to increase the amount of organic and Facebook-specific content generated on its platform. It allows viewers to feel closer to their favorite creators and influencers.

You can earn one cent for each star that a viewer provides you. Online virtual classrooms, online concerts, panel debates, get-ready-with-me workshops, and so on are examples of videos that can be streamed online.

9). Redirect traffic.

If you own a blog, a business, or an online store, you can include links to them in your Facebook posts to direct people to your website.

This will increase traffic to your blog and bring you more Advertising revenue. If you own a business, this means increased sales.

10). Organizing Online Events for Payment

If you wish to organize online events where participants need to pay to access, you can do so by ensuring that only those Facebook users who have paid for it can join in.

For initiating paid online events, it is imperative to activate the paid online events feature on your page. The following steps should be undertaken to configure it:

1. Access your Facebook Page

2. Navigate to the Events section

3. Create a fresh event

4. Choose the paid option

5. Input all necessary details

6. Specify the ticket price

7. Confirm the setup.

By completing these steps, you have successfully established a paid online event. Subsequently, individuals interested in attending can purchase tickets via the event page.

Upon the event date, participants can enter your Facebook event and engage with the live stream. Subsequently, you have the option to make this live stream accessible to the wider audience for free, thereby garnering stars.

How Does Facebook Pay You in 2024?

Are you curious about how Facebook will pay you in 2024? 

Well, it is streamlined and efficient. If your account is eligible for monetization, you will need to enter your payment information. 

✔If you wish to set up a payment method and learn how Facebook pays you, first launch your Messenger app. 

✔Next, tap your profile image in the upper left. As you scroll, you will see the ‘Facebook Pay’ option. 

✔Here, you can add a new debit card or link your PayPal account. 

✔After selecting, enter your payment information and click ‘Save’. 

That is it! This is how Facebook will pay you in 2024. Remember, to avoid payment issues, always double-check your details.

How much does Facebook pay content creators in Pakistan? 

In terms of earnings, Facebook pays creators 55% of the revenue generated by the advertising that appears on their videos. The actual amount you make will be determined by a variety of factors, including the number of views your videos receive, your audience’s demographics, and the availability of ad space.

Tips and best practices to maximize Facebook earnings 

Maximize your earnings in Facebook monetization in Pakistan by following these tips and best practices. To increase your revenue, it is crucial to:

1. Create Engaging Content

Develop compelling content that appeals to your target audience. Posting consistently and offering diverse content can maintain your followers’ interest.

2. Use Facebook Live

Engage with your audience in real time through Facebook Live. Live videos often receive higher engagement and can be monetized using features like Stars and ad breaks.

3. Interact with Your Audience

Build strong connections with your followers by responding to comments, and messages, and incorporating their feedback. Cultivating a community around your content can enhance loyalty and support.

4. Leverage Monetization Tools

Utilize Facebook’s monetization tools, including ad breaks, in-stream ads, fan subscriptions, and branded content collaborations. Utilizing multiple revenue streams can optimize your earnings potential.

5. Perform Data Analysis

Monitor your performance metrics and analyze data to identify the most resonant content with your audience. Utilize these insights to refine your strategy and customize your content for increased engagement and monetization prospects.


Today, you can commercialize anything, including your Facebook Pages, if you are eligible for Facebook monetization.

Making money on Facebook is simple, both in Pakistan and abroad. Using Facebook’s enormous audience as a sales tool is beneficial for starting an e-commerce business, offering services, and developing digital products/merch. 

With the platform’s new array of capabilities designed specifically for entrepreneurs and businesses, engaging new and existing audiences is now easier than ever before.

However, do not become overly reliant on a single feature or platform. Diversify your product so that if one platform fails, you can still get traffic and revenue from other channels. This is especially crucial now, when the organic reach of massive social media platforms like Facebook is dwindling and consumers are becoming more skeptical of paid advertising initiatives.

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