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8 Best Websites For Freelancing In Pakistan

Are you looking for the best websites for freelancing in Pakistan?

You’ve come to the right place!

See, despite the many challenges and complexities that come with working remotely, freelancing offers many advantages, such as flexible hours and the potential to build your own business. 

And with the right platform, freelancers can find reliable work from anywhere in the world.

In this article, we will be looking at 8 of the best websites for freelancing in Pakistan.

What is a Freelancing Website?

To make money as a freelancer, you need to have clients.

Now, there are many ways to find them, but the most popular one is through a central platform called a marketplace!

A freelancing website is an online platform that connects independent professionals and businesses with clients who need work done. 

It allows freelancers to bid for projects, create profiles, and showcase their skills and portfolios. 

Inside these platforms, you can find jobs ranging from writing and design to web development, translation, virtual assistance, software development, data entry, and more. 

You see, these freelance marketplaces in Pakistan provide a convenient way for freelancers to find potential employers quickly without chasing them down.

Clients can select the best candidate based on experience level, reviews, portfolio items, or even location. 

Also, the websites provide payment protection services, so both parties feel safe when working together. 

And some handle all of the paperwork, such as contracts and invoicing to streamline the process between client and freelancer. 

So, you can see why most freelancers opt for them.

That said, let’s look at some of the most popular websites for freelancing in Pakistan.

a. Upwork 

Best Websites For Freelancing In Pakistan

Upwork is an online platform that connects businesses to freelancers from around the world. 

It is one of the world’s largest websites for freelancing, and it has become increasingly popular in Pakistan. 

Upwork offers a range of services, including website design and development, copywriting and editing, SEO-related work, accounting and bookkeeping tasks, data entry jobs, project management services, and more. 

With over 1 million registered businesses looking to employ freelance professionals in Pakistan, Upwork is a great way for freelancers to get their foot in the door. 

Their platform makes it easy to find potential clients by allowing users to browse through job postings in their preferred categories. 

And you can easily create a profile showcasing your skills and experience.

How to get started on Upwork in Pakistan

  • Create an account on Upwork by visiting the website and clicking on the “Join as a Freelancer” button.
  • Complete your profile by filling in your skills, experience, and education. Make sure to include a professional-looking photo and a detailed description of your services.
  • Browse job listings and apply for positions that match your skills and experience. You can also use the “Find Work” feature to search for relevant jobs.
  • Once you are hired for a job, work closely with the client to ensure that their needs are met and the project is completed on time.
  • After completing the project, ask the client for a review to help you build your reputation on Upwork.

b. Freelancer 


Freelancer is another popular website where freelancers in Pakistan can find work and employers can hire talent. 

It offers various services, including writing, graphic design, web development, data entry, and more. 

Like Upwork, Freelancer is an online marketplace that connects businesses and entrepreneurs with qualified professionals who can help them complete their tasks quickly and efficiently. 

The platform has advanced search filters that enable users to find the right person for the job they need done. 

It also offers several different payment methods such as PayPal, Skrill and credit cards to make payments safe and secure. 

AND provides protection for both sides of the transaction so freelancers are guaranteed payment if the employer accepts their work. 

How to Join and find work on

  • Create an account on by providing your email address and creating a password.
  • Complete your profile by adding a profile picture, a brief bio, and your skills.
  • Search for projects that match your skills and interests by using the search bar or browsing through the available categories.
  • Submit a proposal for a project that interests you, including information about your qualifications, experience, and proposed approach to completing the project.
  • Communicate with the project’s client to negotiate the terms of the project, including the scope of work, deadline, and cost.
  • Once the project is awarded to you, complete the work to the client’s satisfaction and submit it for review.
  • Get paid for your work through’s secure payment system.

c. Guru 


Guru is one of the most popular freelance websites in Pakistan. 

With over 800K employers and $250 million paid out to freelancers, Guru is a great platform for freelancers in Pakistan who are looking for quality work opportunities. 

The website offers a wide variety of services including web development, design, copywriting, and content writing.

The website also has an innovative feature known as Safepay, which helps provide transparency on the platform by ensuring that payments are released only when all parties are satisfied with the work being done. 

Furthermore, Guru’s robust security protocols ensure that all user data is kept secure and confidential. 

In addition to this, they also offer feature-rich tools like time tracking and invoicing, which help make working with clients easier than ever before. 

Steps to Join and Find Work on Guru

  • Go to the Guru website ( and create a free account.
  • Complete your profile by providing information about your skills, experience, and portfolio.
  • Browse and apply for freelance jobs that match your skills and experience.
  • Communicate with potential clients and negotiate the terms of the job.
  • Once hired, complete the work and receive payment through Guru’s secure platform.
  • Build a positive reputation on the site by completing jobs on time and to the satisfaction of clients.

Keep your profile and portfolio updated to increase your chances of getting hired for future jobs.

d. Fiverr 

d. Fiverr 

Fiverr is an online marketplace launched in 2010 by two Israeli entrepreneurs who allow freelancers to offer their customer services.

It started with 8 categories of services.

But now offer services across more than 500 categories, including graphics and design, digital marketing, writing and translation, video and animation, music and audio, programming and tech, business, and lifestyle services. 

Soon after its launch, the platform crossed $1 million monthly gross merchandise value (GMV) the following year. 

It now has 3.42 million active buyers worldwide who purchase various ‘gig’ services from freelancers on Fiverr. 

A “gig” on Fiverr is a service offered for sale by a creative professional that can range from copywriting or logo design to voice-over work or even web design projects. 

Steps to join Fiverr and start earning

  • Go to the Fiverr website ( and click on the “Join” button.
  • Fill out the registration form with your personal information and create a username and password.
  • Verify your email address by clicking on the link sent to your email.
  • Once your account is set up, you can start creating your gig or service listing. Be sure to use keywords in your gig title and description to make it easy for buyers to find you.
  • Add images and videos to showcase your gig or service.
  • Set your pricing and availability.
  • Wait for buyers to purchase your gig or service.

Once a buyer has placed an order, complete the work and deliver it to the buyer.

After delivery, the buyer will have the option to leave a review of your gig or service.

e. PeoplePerHour 


PeoplePerHour is a global freelance marketplace founded in 2007 with a simple vision to connect clients to freelancers and empower people to live their work dream. 

So far, the platform has paid over £100 million to its freelancer community and solved over 1 million problems for businesses. 

It offers an easy-to-use platform with built-in automated payments and secure contracts, making it one of Pakistan’s most popular websites for freelancing. 

The website also features a range of professional services experienced market experts offer, including design, web development, virtual assistant services, and more. 

Inside, you can post your own gigs or find works from others quickly and easily.

It also provides optional tools like a messaging system for communication between clients and freelancers or customized invoicing solutions so that both sides can track progress on projects. 

Steps to join PPH and start earning

  • Go to the PeoplePerHour website ( and click on the “Sign Up” button.
  • Fill out the registration form with your personal information and create a username and password.
  • Verify your email address by clicking on the link sent to your email.
  • Once your account is set up, you can create your freelance profile. Be sure to include a detailed description of your skills and experience and relevant work samples.
  • Set your hourly rate and availability.
  • Wait for businesses and entrepreneurs to find and hire you for their projects.
  • Once a buyer has placed an order, complete the work and deliver it to the buyer.
  • After delivery, the buyer will have the option to leave a review of your work.

Please note, PeoplePerHour takes a commission on all transactions, the commission varies depending on the transaction size.

There is no registration / sign-up fee, fees to search for projects, or even to post an offer.

Therefore, PeoplePerHour charges the freelancer a service fee on earnings as follows: 

  • Over £5000-lifetime billing per buyer: 3.5% (excl. VAT) service fee
  • Between £250 and £5000-lifetime billing per buyer: 7.5% (excl. VAT) service fee
  • Below £250-lifetime billing per buyer: 20% (excl. VAT) service fee

Please also note:

  • The minimum payment made using auto-pay or per hour contracts is £6 (excl. VAT).
  • The minimum service fee per invoice is £1 (excl. VAT).

f. Toptal 


Toptal is an exclusive network of the world’s top freelancers in the fields of software engineering, design, finance, and project management. 

Established in 2010, it has quickly become one of the most popular websites for freelancing in Pakistan. 

As one of the fastest-growing companies globally, Toptal ranks 33rd on Deloitte’s 2015 Technology Fast 500™ list. 

To ensure only the best talent is chosen from thousands of applications, only 3% are accepted into their exclusive network. 

With over 21k+ clients served as of 2022, Toptal connects businesses with highly-vetted experts who can deliver high-quality services on demand. 

With 24/7 customer support and a 100% money-back guarantee policy in case you’re not satisfied with their service, Toptal is definitely worth considering for freelance opportunities in Pakistan. 

Steps to join Toptal and start earning

  • Go to the Toptal website ( and click on the “Apply Now” button.
  • Fill out the application form with your personal information, skills and experience.
  • Take the screening test, which includes a series of assessments to evaluate your skills, knowledge, and experience.
  • If you pass the screening test, you will be invited to an interview with a Toptal representative to discuss your qualifications, experience, and client preferences.
  • If you pass the interview, you will be accepted into the Toptal network and gain access to a steady stream of high-paying freelance opportunities.

Once you are matched with a client, you must sign a contract and complete the work per the client’s requirements.

g. LinkedIn 


LinkedIn is an indispensable tool when it comes to freelancing in Pakistan. 

With over 875 million members from more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, LinkedIn has become one of the largest online job search platforms for employers and employees alike.

It is estimated that every minute 8 people are hired on LinkedIn, making it one of the most reliable and effective job marketplaces for freelancers. 

Moreover, with 101 job seekers submitting an application on LinkedIn every second, there is no shortage of potential employers and clients when it comes to freelance work. 

Furthermore, the website offers comprehensive profile sections which provide detailed information about your skill set as well as a portfolio which can be used to showcase your past projects. 

This makes finding a suitable client or employer much easier and faster than ever before. 

For these reasons, freelancers in Pakistan should definitely consider utilizing LinkedIn as their go-to platform for professional networking and job opportunities. 

Steps to join Linkedin and start earning

  • Go to the LinkedIn website ( and click on the “Join Now” button.
  • Fill out the registration form with your personal information, including your name, email address, and a password.
  • Verify your email address by clicking on the link sent to your email.
  • Once your account is set up, you can start building your profile. Be sure to include a professional headshot, a detailed summary of your skills and experience, and relevant work samples.
  • Connect with other professionals in your industry, including potential clients and collaborators.
  • Join groups related to your industry to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and connect with potential clients.
  • Use the platform’s job search feature to find freelance opportunities that match your skills and experience.
  • Participate in the platform by sharing useful content, engaging with others, and building a reputation as a subject matter expert.

h. Truelancer 


Truelancer is one of the top freelancing websites in Pakistan. 

It boasts over 500,000 projects and 1 million freelancers available to bid on them. 

The website offers a simple yet powerful platform where employers and freelancers can engage securely with each other in an online workspace. 

With the Truelancer mobile app, available both for iOS and Android devices, users can bid on projects as they come and chat with employers on the go. 

The website also provides innovative tools such as time-tracking and invoicing to simplify the process of working remotely. 

Comes with several safety mechanisms like escrow payments to ensure secure transactions between employers and freelancers. 

And 24/7 customer care support for all its users if any issues arise during engagements. 

Pros and Cons of Freelancing Websites in Pakistan

Now that you know some of the top sites to find work in Pakistan, you need to understand the pros and cons of these sites.

As we mentioned earlier, there is more than one way to find jobs in Pakistan. 

Each way has its own pros and cons, so understand these before you make your decision. 


  • Flexibility – One major benefit of using online freelancing sites is that you can work from anywhere. You don’t need an office or a physical workspace, which gives you more freedom and control over your schedule. 
  • Variety of Jobs – Freelance websites offer hundreds (sometimes thousands) of jobs in different fields for all levels of experience. This means plenty of opportunities are available no matter what job seeker you may be. 
  • Easy Searching & Applying – The search functions on these sites make it easy to find exactly what kind of job opportunity fits with your skillset and desired salary range quickly without having to spend hours combing through ads online manually like one would do when looking via newspapers/classifieds etc.. Plus, applying directly can often get faster results than submitting resumes into black holes!
  • Low Risk – Since most freelance platforms will only release funds once clients approve completed projects successfully; this eliminates much risk involved in providing services as payment guarantees exist even if the customer fails or refuses to pay after project completion since the dispute resolution process exists by each platform itself thus encouraging quality engagement between employer-employee relationship making them trustworthy sources for both parties alike  


  • Competition – As mentioned earlier, many people use freelancing websites so there tends to be quite a bit of competition. This means that the rates for certain jobs may be lower than you would normally find in your local area, and it can sometimes take longer to land work as well. 
  • Fees – Many sites charge fees either when employers post their projects or freelancers bid on them (or both). These fees can add up quickly if you’re not careful so make sure you factor this into your budgeting process before engaging with any platform long-term!  
  • Low Quality Work – Since there is such an abundance of people using these websites, some clients will try to get away with paying very low wages for subpar quality work which makes it difficult for honest professionals to compete against those who are willing to accept lesser paychecks just because they need money fast or don’t know better about market prices, etc..

Final Thoughts 

As a freelancer in Pakistan, there are many opportunities to make money online. 

The 8 best websites for freelancing in Pakistan provide an excellent platform for entrepreneurs to explore their potential and grow their businesses. 

There are a variety of projects available, ranging from web design, and programming to writing and translation services. 

Each website has its own unique features that make it stand out among the rest. 

When choosing which website is right for you, consider your skillset and what type of job you want. 

Read reviews about each website before signing up and familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of each service provider. 

AND to look into payment methods that fit within your budget so that you can get paid quickly and securely. 

Remember that success takes time and dedication when working as a freelancer. 


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