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Instagram Blogging for Beginners: How To Get Started

Instagram blogging for beginners? A lot of people think that blogging is over; however, the best blogs are still going strong and it’s not because they don’t know what they’re doing. 

Blogging especially for beginners has gotten a bad rap since the advent of social media marketing and many people feel like blogging is too much work or that you need to be an expert in order to blog effectively. 

This post aims to change all that by teaching you how to get started with Instagram Blogging for Beginners!

See, Instagram blogging for beginners is a great way to get started with social media marketing. 

However, it can be difficult to know where to start if you are new. 

This blog post will give you some tips on how to get started and what the best practices are that allow bloggers like yourself, with no background in SEO or social media marketing, to see success.

What is Instagram blogging?

Instagram blogging is simply taking pictures and adding them to your Instagram account. It is pretty much like the photo essays you did back in middle school, but instead of making a physical book or magazine to hand out it will be posted on social media for anyone who finds the hashtag to see.

How do I start as a beginner?

To start Instagram blogging for beginners, follow these steps;

1). Find a niche that interests you

There are many niches that would be suitable to start Instagram blogging, including; fashion, travel, and beauty. 

However, the first step is choosing a niche that you like or feel passionate about. 

This will make it easier for you on your journey of sharing photos with others who share similar interests as yourself!

2). Understand your target audience.

Take some time to research your target audience. 

This can be done by searching hashtags related to the niche you are interested in or reading blogs that might also interest people who will see your blog posts! 

Understanding what kind of content they like and need is important when writing blog posts because it helps guide how you present yourself on Instagram as well as using relevant hashtags for greater success.

For example, if I was blogging about fashion my main hashtag would probably be #fashionblogger or #fashionaddict. 

It’s very simple but it provides an easy way for anyone looking up this type of clothing online to find your post quickly. 

Remember; quality over quantity!

After understanding the needs/interests of the target audience, start seeking out the best ways to portray yourself and your content on Instagram!

3). Do competitor research.

Take some time to see how other bloggers are using Instagram in their Insta posts. 

This is important because it will show you the best practices for your own brand. 

You can do this by either joining an online course (like ours!) or simply taking a look at the hashtags they use and what types of photos they post. 

Doing competitor research like this ensures that you are getting off on the right foot with Instagram blogging for beginners!

After the research phase, you can now create your Instagram account and turn it into a business account rather than a private account.

4). Research hashtags.

One of the most important aspects of Instagram blogging is using relevant hashtags

Once you have an idea of what type of photos your target audience likes, search for similar hashtags that are related to this niche! 

For example, if I was starting a travel blog my main hashtag might be #traveladdict. 

This is already pretty popular on Instagram and gives people with similar interests quick results when searching which means more exposure for me! 

By understanding different types of content that could be posted with these tags it will give you great ideas when writing your blog posts in the future.

What hashtags should I use?

Stay away from generic tags such as #photography or #blogging because although they are very popular, there will most likely already be thousands of other posts that were just posted using the same tag. 

Instead try to choose trending topics where your content might fit in with others who have shared their post recently to get it noticed by those looking at the specific subject matter (e.g., if you’ve written an article about basketball shoes, look for tags like “sneakers” instead). 

Remember: The goal here is to make sure people find your photo essays once they’ve searched for a specific topic.

5). Create a content schedule.

Now that you have a better idea of how to use Instagram blogging for beginners it is important to make sure that your blog posts will be regular and successful! 

I recommend creating a content schedule

An easy way to do this would be by using Google Sheets or Word (or any other note-taking app) where every day/week, depending on what works best for you, write down the type of photos that can be posted along with relevant hashtags. 

This ensures consistency in both quality and quantity so followers know when to expect new posts from you!

Remember; the goal here isn’t just uploading as many pictures as possible but rather finding out which types of images work best for your brand and audience while still sticking within the niche you are blogging about.

6). Start posting and be consistent!

Now that you have done all the necessary research it is time to start sharing your photos! 

Remember to always be consistent with posting and put effort into each post so followers know what to expect from you. 

This will also create more trust between them and your brand which could lead to future collaborations or even jobs in some cases! 

How often should I post pictures?

One of the most important things to remember when Instagram blogging for beginners is that your photo essays need to be visually appealing so if people aren’t liking or commenting on them it will mean they are probably not sticking around long enough to read any text within because there was something wrong with how it looked in their eyes rather than anything else. 

To keep this from happening, make sure each picture has a clear subject matter (the title can help determine this) along with plenty of white space which allows readers to focus more easily on individual elements without too much clutter getting in the way. 

There should also always be high-quality photos that look professional instead of blurry ones because quality matters most.

I hope this guide has helped you understand how easy Instagram blogging can be for beginners; now go out there and make something happen!

In summary, to start Instagram blogging for beginners, follow these steps; 

  1. Find a niche that interests you. 
  2. Understand your target audience. 
  3. Do competitor research. 
  4. Research hashtags. 
  5. Create a content schedule.
  6. Be consistent

What other social media should I use?

Although Instagram is the primary platform you want to be sharing your photo essays on, it can also benefit from being shared across other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter so that more people have access to seeing them.


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