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How To Withdraw Money From Shopify In Pakistan

Are you wondering how to withdraw money from Shopify in Pakistan? It’s a straightforward process, and I’ll guide you through it. You can either set up a Shopify Balance account or use a regular checking account. 

The funds from your sales on Shopify will be transferred directly to your bank account that you’ve linked with Shopify Payments. Let’s explore the simple steps to make sure you get your hard-earned money hassle-free.

Types of Acceptable Accounts

You can choose either a checking account that meets the bank requirements or a Shopify Balance account to receive your payouts.

What’s a Shopify Balance account?

A Shopify Balance account is like a special bank account for your business. You can use it to keep track of all your store’s payments and transactions in one easy-to-manage place.

Minimum Payout Amount For Shopify Payments

In some countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States, there is no minimum payout amount. However, in countries other than these, including Pakistan, there might be a minimum payout amount for Shopify Payments.

Whether you use a checking account or a Shopify Balance account, make sure you meet the necessary requirements for hassle-free payouts.

Add Pakistani Bank Account As A Payment Method In Shopify

So you’ve been selling things on Shopify and now you want to get your money out? First thing you need a bank account and as said before you will need either a balance account or a regular checking account.

Lets discuss how to to add bank account information

Add or Replace Your Bank Account Information

First, you need to make sure Shopify knows where to send your money. Here’s how:

a). Go to your Shopify admin panel.

b). Look for the Settings option, then click on Billing.

Adding a New Bank Account:

a). In the Payment methods section, click on Add payment method.

b). Select Bank account if it’s not already chosen.

c). Type in the account and routing numbers for your bank.

d). Put in the store owner’s name.

e). Choose if it’s a Private or Business account.

f). Click on Start verification.

Replacing an Old Bank Account:

a). Find the bank account you want to replace in the Payment methods section.

b). Click on the three dots next to it.

c). Select Replace.

d). Follow the same steps as adding a new bank account.

Now, Shopify knows where to send your money!

Start Verification

When you click on “Start verification,” you’re giving permission to Shopify to deposit and take out money from your bank account using the Automated Clearing House network (ACH). This is to verify your account and handle your bills.

Within 1 to 3 business days, Shopify will deposit two small amounts, each less than $1.00, into your bank account. Once these deposits show up in your account, it’s time to move to the next step.

Verify Your Bank Account

In the Payment methods section of your Shopify account, find and click on “Complete verification.”

You’ll need to enter the two amounts that were deposited into your bank account by Shopify.

If you want to set this bank account as your main payment method, tick the box that says “Make this bank account my primary payment method.”

After entering the amounts, click on “Complete verification.”

If everything goes well, your bank account will now be listed in the Payment methods section.

However, if the verification doesn’t work, you’ll see a message indicating that the verification for your bank account wasn’t successful. In that case, you can choose to either replace or remove the bank account that failed the verification process.

Using PayPal Withdrawals

If you’re in Pakistan, you might be wondering how to get your money from Shopify. Well, here’s the deal: PayPal isn’t an option for folks in Pakistan. You can’t use it for business or to transfer money. But, if you’re outside of Pakistan and have a PayPal account, there’s a way through Xoom, which is part of PayPal, to send money to bank accounts in Pakistan.

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What’s Xoom and How Does it Work?

Xoom is like a bridge between people who have money outside of Pakistan and those who need it here. It’s an online service that lets people send money directly to local Pakistani bank accounts. You can use Xoom to transfer money to banks like UBL, Bank Alfalah, MCB, and Allied Bank. You can also send money for cash pickup at local bank branches. Most of the time, the money arrives on the same day if the transfer is done before 4:30 pm PKT.

So, if you’re living outside Pakistan, you can use your PayPal account to pay for a transfer through Xoom or sign up fresh with Xoom using your bank account or debit/credit card.

How Can You Use Xoom?

If you’re outside Pakistan and want to send money here, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Xoom website.

2. Log in with your PayPal account or sign up with your name and email.

3. Enter the amount you want to send.

4. Fill in your recipient’s details.

5. Choose if they should get the money in cash or through a bank transfer.

6. Pay for the transaction using PayPal, your bank account, or your credit/debit card.

7. Submit your transaction.

You can keep track of your transaction using the Xoom app or website.

Getting Money from PayPal in Pakistan

Unfortunately, if you’re in Pakistan, you can’t have a PayPal account to withdraw money. However, you can receive money through Xoom. When someone sends you money from abroad using Xoom, they’ll need your mobile or phone number. You’ll get a notification when the cash pickup is ready or when the money is in your local Pakistani bank account. If the money goes directly to your bank account, you won’t have to do anything extra to get it.

So, while PayPal isn’t an option for Pakistanis to withdraw money, Xoom steps in to make sure you can still get your earnings.

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Leveraging 3rd Party Providers

In Pakistan, getting money from online platforms like Shopify can be done through various alternatives to PayPal. Here’s a breakdown of some options available:


Wise is a service that helps you get money from abroad easily. You can receive transfers from people using Wise without any hassle. It’s simple to sign up, and you can receive money straight into your bank account quickly. Wise offers fair fees and gives you the real exchange rate, so you get more money in your account.


Payoneer is another option for freelancers and small businesses. Many websites like Upwork and Fiverr use Payoneer for payments. It’s convenient, but there are fees for receiving money from marketplaces and clients. Payoneer has also partnered with HBL bank in Pakistan for fast payouts.


SimSim, along with Finca Microfinance Bank, allows international transfers into their mobile wallet. You can receive money through ExpressMoney and transfer it to your SimSim wallet or bank account. However, you’ll need to visit a Finca bank branch to verify your identity first.


EasyPaisa is a mobile bank account that lets you receive, transfer, and shop. It’s easy to open with just a mobile number and CNIC. You can add funds from a bank account or receive transfers. However, there are fees for receiving money into an EasyPaisa account.

Consider the fees, convenience, and time it takes when choosing the best option for receiving money from Shopify in Pakistan. Each service has its advantages, so pick the one that suits your needs best.


Withdrawing money from Shopify in Pakistan might seem tricky, but there are options available. If you’re in Pakistan, setting up a Shopify Balance account or a full checking account is the way to go. Through Shopify Payments, you can transfer your funds directly to these accounts. 

Remember, you can’t open a PayPal account if you’re in Pakistan, but if you’re outside the country, you can use Xoom to send money for cash pickup or directly to a bank account locally. Additionally, there are alternative options like Wise, Payoneer, SimSim, and EasyPay that Pakistanis can use to send and receive money from abroad. These services offer different features and fees, so it’s essential to explore which one works best for you based on your needs.

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