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What Is A Google Certificate Authority?

Have you heard of Google Certificate Authority? Well, in this post we get more insights. Let’s get into insights about a certificate authority.

What is a Certificate Authority?

A certificate authority is a trusted organization that acts as an intermediate between two parties exchanging messages over the Internet. 

The certificate authority signs each message with its private key, and the recipient of such a signed message can verify that it was digitally signed by someone in possession of the corresponding public key (the CA’s).

When there is no way for one party to know who sent them any particular digital signature, this mechanism prevents fraud or tampering. With certificates, we have authentication without anonymity, but also protection against replay attacks.

What is a Google Certificate Authority?

A Certificate Authority Service is a highly available, scalable Google Cloud service that enables you to simplify, automate, and customize the deployment, management, and security of private certificate authorities (CA).

The Google Certificate Authority

The Google Certificate Authority provides free PKI services and certificates since 1999, which are used to encrypt data; sign signatures, and validate the authenticity of website content.

It maintains data integrity and ensures safe transmission so information doesn’t get manipulated by malicious people. Security is a major concern for Google, so it is always developing new ways to ensure data protection.

Why Google Certificate Authority?

Google has a Certificate Transparency project that checks for any unauthorized certificates before they can be used against users. It also scores them on how long the certificate will remain valid and whether or not there are any pending revocation requests. 

It is important to know what type of certificate you need to protect yourself from attacks such as man-in-the-middle (MiM). 

A MiM attack takes place when an attacker assumes control over another’s network traffic by posing as both sender and receiver with their own access point device like a router or computer connected directly into your wireless internet connection.

This allows the attacker to intercept messages sent between two other parties without either party knowing about it. They can alter the content of these messages to achieve their own motive.

Some of the most popular browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Firefox, will let you view all certificates that are installed on your computer. 

When viewing a certificate in these web browsers, there is usually an option to “View Certificate” which will bring up more information about the certificate including who created it and for what purpose. 

You can find all this information easily. Google has come to provide the Internet with a secure, free service.

Features of Google certificate authority

  • Easy to deploy- within minutes your site is secure.
  • Customizable- one can edit the certificate to best fit their needs.
  • Affordable- have plans that one pays as you go. 
  • Scalable- one can upgrade and downgrade anytime.

Visit here for more.

So how does Google provide Certificates? Are they safe?

The only way that Google can provide certificates is if they are valid. There’s no reason to believe otherwise, as the company has been providing PKI services since 1999. 

To view your computer’s installed certificates, you’ll need to use a browser like IE or Firefox. Whenever you want more information about one of them, just click on “Details” and all of their data will be displayed for you in an easy-to-read format including who created it and what purpose it was made for.

Each certificate consists of three components: The public key (which belongs to whoever requests its creation), the private key (owned by whoever requested its creation) and the signature algorithm used when creating the certificate from which everyone – including the certificate provider.

How do Google certificates work?

Well, Google offers a free SSL certificate for all domains created on Google Sites. -PKI services and certificates have been the way to encrypt data, sign signatures, and validate the authenticity of website content since 1999. 

Maintains data integrity and makes sure that information is sent and received in an encrypted form. The individual who owns the private key typically offers his services to other individuals or entities that need a signature on their documents, authenticating them with this digital seal. 

The Google certificate authority ensures safe data transit and usage. No chance of data alteration or not getting to the intended target. 

Google has a certificate authority that is striving for transparency and openness so the issues are easier to identify before they cause significant harm. 

It takes into account things like the type of threat, its severity, and how it can be prevented or eliminated. Google’s initiative also originates certificates before attackers have an opportunity to make use of them against users. 

It scores them on how long the certificate will remain valid and whether or not there are any pending revocation requests to let you know what level of security your connection needs depending on where you’re browsing from (i.e., public WIFI). 

The purpose behind this effort is simple: with better visibility, organizations can transact online safely and securely on any network.

The new system provides more transparency for Certificate Authorities so it’s easier to identify problems early in order to avoid significant harm occurring as a result of compromised credentials – without compromising privacy or encryption standards that ensure anonymity and data integrity when visiting sites like banking institutions, sites with personal data and other sensitive sites.

When the new system is fully deployed, you’ll see a site-specific “lock” icon on top of webpages in your browser’s address bar – and that means that your connection is secure (and it will also tell you what level of security). 

Some browsers are already starting to support this change by displaying an indicator below the URL and domain name for websites with Extended Validation Certificates when browsing from public WIFI networks.

Just click on the lock to get more information about how SSL helps keep your data private while shopping or banking online, without slowing down connections.

How to get a Google certificate authority certificate?

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console
  2. From the Admin console Home page, go to Devices
  3. Go to Certificates.
  4. To apply the setting to all devices, leave the top organizational unit selected
  5. Click Create certificate.
  6. Enter a name for the certificate.
  7. Click Upload, select the PEM file, and click Open.
  8. Note: DER-encoded certificates are not supported.
  9. Select the platforms that the certificate is a CA for.
  10. Click Add.

Once the above steps are complete the next thing is validating the certificate. If you are using chrome follow these procedures:

  1. Go to chrome://settings/certificates.
  2. Click Authorities.
  3. Scroll down to see the newly-added CAs.


That’s how simple you get your google CA certificate. Get your sites secure at affordable pricing. Don’t malicious people destroy data integrity by compromising your site.

Google is making it easy for everyone to have safe sites, transact smoothly and have data integrity. It’s giving people opportunities to transact safely.



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