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Free Drag Drop Website Builder

Free Drag Drop Website Builder

Interesting developments in technology have made it easier to do business globally. Here are some of important development to the Global commerce that has led to Free Drag Drop Website Builder.


Internet has laid out the most important infrastructure to global commerce success. Internet has made it possible to:

  1. Communicate with parties anywhere across the world.
  2. Send and Receive Messages Instantly.
  3. Deliver of Trade documents Instantly
  4. Trust and Verify through review system, assurance policies and certification authorities.
  5. Online catalog products and services through platforms like websites and portals.

This article focus on point no. 5 on online cataloging.

Websites and online portals development and management has been a mystery to the ordinary trader, business owner or entrepreneur. For a long time non-technical entrepreneurs have had to rely on IT Staff and Web Developers for development and management of their websites and portals.

There has been great success in this area, it has led to development of about 1 billion websites, blogs and portals. There are more web developers and designers now than when internet started.

There are even more web development resources now than ever and effectively time taken to develop websites has dropped tremendously with availability of reusable web resources like templates, images, integrations and Content Management Systems (CMS).

Emergence and growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has led to growth of computer generated websites.

Computer generated websites are provided through website builders. There are several website builder services. Website Builders are not new; the first website builder, was created in the early 2000s, but recent developments are worth noting.

Website builders have advanced to a level that they no longer produce the static website anymore but they can now produce any kind of website.

It is likely there are more website builder generated online stores that human developed online stores websites.

Some of most popular website builders and online store builders include:


This article focus on no. 5, while,, and Shopify are bigger platforms, they remain expensive and costly to use. has broken that cost barrier by introducing a free website builder service that allow you to connect a custom domain among other features. free package features include:










Free Domain – refer to subdomain on which you can launch your website on without spending on buying a new domain name.

Connect custom domain – every other service out there bills the provision to connect a custom domain to your website, not Olitt, at Olitt it’s a free service for a single website.

Free SSL Certificate – Free Drag Drop Website Builder

Olitt has partnered with Lets Encrypt to offer free SSL Certificates to all websites made on

SEO Tools – Free Drag Drop Website Builder


Olitt Seo Tools are important in optimizing websites for search engine ranking. Search engine provide the gateway to website visitors on the internet. It’s highly unlike to gain web visitors without the help of search engine and therefore you need to rank on search engines like Google and Bing to gain web visitors.

DNS Management

Free DNS Management Tools allow easy management of Domain Records, point your domain to any service using Olitt DNS Manager.

Ready to use Templates

These are prebuilt website for different business niche, that a business or entrepreneur can choose to reuse in launching their websites. Most popular niches and uses cases are covered.

Olitt provide a 3 step procedure of launching a website. Non-technical business people and entrepreneurs can now launch their website in 10 minutes without having to spend on web development and web design services. More importantly they do not need to spend a fortune to enjoy this functionality.

Website at Olitt are highly integrated, through custom integration, Olitt websites support the following functionalities for free:

  • Ability to collect payments
  • Provision to collect contacts
  • Get to track traffic
  • Ability to support clients on Live chat
  • Popular services integrated include Olitt Payments, PayPal, Stripe, to handle payments
  • Mailchimp to handle subscriptions.
  • Tawkto to handle Livechats
  • Jira to handle tickets, and project management
  • Custom Javascript provision, allow addition of any custom integration via JavaScript code
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