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Cloud Linux Features

CloudLinux is an operating system that provides resource and performance management on servers with multiple user accounts.

Features of Cloud Linux

Cage File System

CageFS is a virtualized file system with a set of tools that contain each user in its own cage. It prevents large number of attacks by uniquely preventing users from seeing each other and viewing or accessing any sensitive information that should not go beyond their reach. With the Cage file system, users only access safe files and cannot see the server configuration files, processes or other users’ names on the server. The cage file system completely made transparent to your customers.

Lightweight virtualized environment manager

It is a kernel-based technology that allows you to control resources, CPU, RAM, IO, number of processes and connections that any single account can use to ensure that no single website can contribute in bringing down your server.

With the LVE manager you can limit resources for end users and resellers, you can easily view the history of each single account and identify and take the necessary actions to deal with abusers. LVE maintains the server stability by ensuring that a client never uses more than he/she is allowed.

PHP Selector

PHP Selector is a CloudLinux component that allows your customers to choose a PHP version or module based on their need in a secure and updated environment. PHP selector requires to have the Cage file system and LVE installed.

MySQL Governor

MySQL Governor monitors MYSQL usage by preventing users from overloading the server and improving the overall server stability and performance. MYSQL tracks the CPU and disk IO usage for every user by using the same LVE limits. MYSQL Governor features, automatic detection of running queries, stable and simple limits and support MYSQL 5.1 to 5.7.


HardenedPHP secures and fixes the vulnerability of old versions from unsupported versions. CloudLinux hardened kernel prevent malicious users from attacking other website accounts hosted on the server.

Stable hosting environment

Every website account has its own allocated resources. This ensures that any short coming or traffic from other website accounts do not affect your website.

CloudLinux features are reliable and scalable to provide high performance and secure link technologies that prevent any user from seeing other users in the server.







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