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7 Best Online Businesses for Ladies in Pakistan

In recent years, online entrepreneurship has become an appealing new career option for many women in Pakistan. The growth of e-commerce and internet connectivity across the country has opened up new possibilities for ladies to start and run businesses from the comfort of their homes.

An online business offers Pakistani women multiple advantages that a traditional brick-and-mortar setup may not. Firstly, it allows women the flexibility to be self-employed even with other responsibilities like household work and childcare. Secondly, the low startup costs of an online venture make entrepreneurship more accessible. Thirdly, the internet offers the ability to reach a wider customer base, both within Pakistan and abroad.

Overall, online entrepreneurship enables Pakistani ladies to become financially independent and pursue their passion, while still balancing responsibilities at home. This trend has led to many inspiring success stories of women-led online businesses across Pakistan.

In this blog post, we will dive deeper into:

Why online business is a good option for ladies in Pakistan

Starting an online business is an excellent career route for ladies in Pakistan due to multiple socio-economic reasons:

Greater flexibility

Running an online business allows women entrepreneurs in Pakistan to avoid the inflexible 9-to-5 routine of a regular job. With an online business, ladies can choose when to work, manage their own schedule and take time off when needed. This flexibility is invaluable for women who have additional household and childcare duties. An online business allows them to work around these commitments.

Low startup costs

Launching an online business requires significantly lower startup capital compared to a physical business establishment. Eliminating costs like rent, utilities and inventory makes entrepreneurship more accessible to Pakistani women. Many types of online businesses, like ecommerce stores, blogs, service providers etc. can be started with less than Rs 100,000 initial investment. This low barrier to entry enables more women to start their entrepreneurial journey.

No geographic limitations

With a physical store, your customer base is limited to your geographic location. However, an online business allows you to sell products or services to customers across Pakistan and even globally. This gives women entrepreneurs access to a much wider market. Digital marketing and ecommerce tools have made it easy to find and sell to customers outside your city or country.

Safer work environment

Sadly, workplace harassment continues to be a problem women face in Pakistan. An online business in Pakistan allows ladies to avoid this challenge by working from the safety and comfort of their homes.

For many women, being able to work in a safe environment without fear of harassment is a major motivator towards online entrepreneurship.

Be your own boss

Starting your own online business allows ladies in Pakistan to become self-employed. This gives women the ability to become financially independent and pursue their passion, without being limited by the strict hierarchy and policies of a traditional office job. Being your own boss gives women more creative freedom and control over their work.

In conclusion, these factors make starting an online business an extremely appealing prospect for ladies in Pakistan. The accessibility, flexibility and income potential offered by online entrepreneurship empowers Pakistani women to become successful business owners.

Top online business ideas for ladies in Pakistan

Pakistani women interested in starting online businesses have many excellent options to choose from. Some top online business ideas that are gaining popularity among ladies in Pakistan include:

1. eCommerce Store

Opening an online store is one of the most lucrative online businesses for women in Pakistan. You can sell products in almost any category – clothing, cosmetics, handmade crafts, jewelry, electronics etc.

With low startup costs and the ability to reach customers nationwide, ecommerce is ideal for Pakistani ladies looking to earn income while working from home. The key is choosing a specialized niche and offering unique products compared to larger general stores.

Popular ecommerce options include boutiques selling traditional Pakistani dresses, stores for halal cosmetics, or handmade crafts and jewelry.

2. Food Home Delivery

Food is an evergreen market, and online food delivery startups like FoodPanda and Eat Mubarak have become hugely popular in Pakistan. This presents an excellent business opportunity for ladies who are great cooks.

You can start your own home cooked food delivery service on social media and deliver food to offices, homes and events in your city. This allows ladies to convert their cooking skills into a profitable business while managing everything from their own kitchen.

3. Baking Business

Many Pakistani women have found an entrepreneurial outlet through baking. If you can bake delicious cakes, cookies or cupcakes, you can launch your own baking brand on social media. Offer special designs for occasions like birthdays and weddings.

Once your baking business gains popularity, you can take more orders than your home kitchen can handle. At this stage, consider renting a commercial kitchen space for your expanding business.

4. Freelance Makeup Artist

Ladies skilled in hair, makeup and bridal styling can provide their services as freelance makeup artists. You can offer packages for bridal makeup, regular makeup for events and parties, hairstyling etc.

Promote your makeup artist services on social media and list your brand on vendors platforms like Sufi. Take bookings directly from your home studio or visit clients at their location.

5. Handicrafts Business

Pakistani women who can sew, embroider, knit or create handicrafts can start selling locally produced items online. Products like ajrak scarves, cushion covers, ralli quilts, embroidery work, knitted sweaters etc. often appeal to foreign buyers.

You can sell handicrafts on your own ecommerce store or list them on platforms like Etsy and eBay which connect craftmakers directly with global customers. This allows ladies to generate good income by marketing local handicrafts internationally.

6. Freelance Writer

If you have strong writing skills, you can offer your services as a freelance content writer to companies in Pakistan or abroad. New businesses need high-quality blog posts, product descriptions, website copy, social media captions etc. which freelancers can provide.

Start by making a portfolio website showcasing your writing samples. List your profile on freelancing websites like Upwork and Fiverr to find clients who need blog/website content. This allows ladies to utilize writing skills to earn income working from home.

In summary, Pakistani women have many feasible online business options from ecommerce stores to freelancing services. You can launch a successful digital business that fits your lifestyle by identifying your expertise and passion.

Skills required for starting an online business

While starting an online business offers many advantages, you need certain skills and traits to succeed as a women entrepreneur. Some key skills required include:

Digital marketing skills

A crucial skill is understanding digital marketing across various channels like Google, social media, email etc. You need expertise in areas like SEO, Google Ads, social media advertising, and conversion optimization. These skills help drive potential customers to your online business and boost revenue. Take online courses to learn digital marketing.

Web development basics

You don’t need to be a programmer, but basic web development skills help. For instance, being able to set up and customize an ecommerce store on platforms like Shopify. Or using website builders like Wix to create landing pages and optimize user experience. These skills help female entrepreneurs set up and manage their online presence.

Financial planning

Managing your finances is critical when starting any business. You need skills like bookkeeping, creating financial projections, managing cash flows, tracking revenue and costs, and making budgets. Financial planning helps ensure your business stays profitable.

Time management

Balancing entrepreneurship with household duties can be challenging. Excellent time management skills and discipline are essential. Identify your most productive hours of the day and block off time for working on your business. Outsource household tasks if possible to create more time for your startup.


As a solo entrepreneur, you need the ability to get creative and make things happen with limited resources. For instance, producing business cards or product labels on your home printer to save costs. Or using free marketing channels like local Facebook groups instead of paid ads. Resourcefulness helps women entrepreneurs maximize output with minimal resources.


Launching a successful business takes immense effort and perseverance. As a woman entrepreneur, you may face gender-related obstacles like lack of access to capital. Grit and determination are key to overcoming hurdles and growing your online business.

In conclusion, a mix of digital marketing, financial, technical and soft skills help set women up for success as online entrepreneurs. Taking time to build up these core skills will enable Pakistani ladies to effectively establish and run their online businesses.

Tips for marketing your online business to Pakistani women

Effectively promoting your online business to female consumers in Pakistan requires an understanding of their preferences. Here are some tips for marketing your business to Pakistani women:

Highlight modest options

Many Pakistani women prefer modest clothing and products that align with local cultural values. For instance, highlighting long tunics, pants and dupattas on your clothing ecommerce store. Or showcasing “halal” labeled cosmetics. Catering to this demand can attract more customers.

Use relatable models

Your advertising and social media imagery should feature Pakistani models wearing your products. Local women find it easier to imagine themselves using a product when they see it on relatable models compared to foreign faces.

Share inspiring stories

Pakistani women connect with inspirational stories of strong female role models and entrepreneurs. Share your own story and struggles through the journey of starting your business. This helps you build an emotional connection with your target audience.

Emphasize affordability

Focus on showcasing budget-friendly products and deals. Terms like “low-cost”, “wholesale rates” and “free shipping” appeal to value-conscious female shoppers. Offer tiered pricing for premium and budget options.

Use influencer marketing

Work with social media influencers like lifestyle vloggers, beauty influencers, and content creators to promote your products. Their authentic endorsements help convince followers to try your brand. Offer free products in exchange for sponsored reviews.

Create video tutorials

Record videos showing how to use your products or services. For instance, makeup application tips if you have a cosmetics brand. Video tutorials published on your website and social channels allow women to better understand your offering.

Highlight convenience

Convenience is key for time-pressed Pakistani women managing multiple responsibilities. Highlight effort-saving features like home delivery, easy returns, and round-the-clock customer support. This positions your business as accommodating the busy lifestyles of women.

Run women-only promotions

Offer exclusive deals and discounts only for your female customers like women’s day sales. Use occasions like Eid, birthdays, Mother’s Day etc. to provide special promotions and offers just for women, along with personalized messaging.

In summary, catering to local cultural nuances, showcasing inspirational stories, and emphasizing convenience and affordability helps attract more Pakistani women customers to your online business.

Common challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in Pakistan

Female entrepreneurs in Pakistan need remarkable grit and perseverance to overcome the socio-economic challenges they routinely encounter:

Limited access to financing

The biggest hurdle faced by women entrepreneurs in Pakistan is difficulty getting business loans from banks and investors. According to estimates, women receive less than 1% of small business loans. Without access to capital, many promising ventures never materialize.

Gender bias

Deeply entrenched gender roles in Pakistan mean women are not taken seriously as entrepreneurs. They have to work harder to prove their abilities and competence. Women often face discouragement from family members and lack of support due to societal bias.

Restricted mobility

Women driving alone or using public transport is often seen as socially unacceptable in Pakistan. This restricted mobility limits women entrepreneurs’ ability to network, meet clients, supervise operations etc. Managing logistics become an additional challenge.

Discouragement from male gatekeepers

At businesses and supply stores, women entrepreneurs have to deal with male owners and managers who often doubt their credentials. They may be denied information or access necessary for operations. This creates unnecessary obstacles.

Balancing work and domestic duties

Even women entrepreneurs have to bear the brunt of domestic work like childcare, elderly care and household tasks in Pakistan. Juggling business and family responsibilities with minimal support leads to burnout.

Security concerns

Harassment and safety issues are huge concerns restricting Pakistani women’s ability to focus on their ventures. In-person client meetings and site visits always require being accompanied by a male family member for security.

Limited professional networks

Male-dominated business communities mean women entrepreneurs have smaller professional networks. They miss out on mentorship, partnerships and growth opportunities that come from networking.

While the challenges are immense, they are not insurmountable. With consistent effort, resilience and support from family and policymakers, women can succeed as entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

Key Takeaways

  • Online entrepreneurship offers Pakistani women key advantages like flexibility, accessibility and expanded reach. Running an online business is an excellent career choice.
  • Numerous online business ideas from ecommerce stores to food delivery are gaining popularity among ladies in Pakistan. Identifying your skills and passion is key to choosing the right opportunity.
  • Essential skills like digital marketing, financial planning, resourcefulness and perseverance help women entrepreneurs succeed in running online businesses. Developing these skills early on is crucial.
  • Marketing tactics should highlight modesty, affordability and stories of inspirational Pakistani businesswomen to appeal to the target female demographic.
  • Despite obstacles like biased lending policies and restricted mobility, Pakistani women are breaking barriers through determination and hard work. With the right preparation and strategic marketing, online entrepreneurship can enable financial independence.

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