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#8 Best Providers of Cheap VPS in South Africa

In this article, you are going to learn more about VPS Servers in South Africa.

It’s hard to talk of VPS without mentioning Cloud computing. 

Cloud computing technology presents quite a lot of benefits to consumers. This includes massive storage, fast computing, and high reliability, etc. 

One of the features I always like to talk about is commoditization and scalability. Each item in the cloud is treated as a commodity and can be increased and decreased to meet your demand.

If you are reading this, then definitely you are looking for VPS servers in South Africa or looking at understanding the ever-growing topic of VPS.

This article has all your interests covered.

What’s VPS?

Virtual private servers commonly known as VPS are virtual machines running on a host machine with each running its operating system.

This involves partitioning one physical server into many virtual servers. The underlying technology driving VPS is virtualization. 

The VPS is created and run by the hypervisor. Some of this virtualization software include oracle’s Virtual BOX, VMware, etc.

How does VPS work?

VPS are hosted somewhere on the internet or within your country and accessed over the internet. Users can access and manage VPS through SSH or equivalent technology supported by the provider.

VPS costs in South Africa varies depending on the number of resources allocated such as bandwidth, RAM, storage space, etc.   

VPS vs. Dedicated servers in South Africa

Unlike VPS where clients share one physical server, clients in dedicated server lease the entire physical server and take full control of the server. A dedicated server is more expensive when you compare it to VPS.

Benefits of  VPS Servers in South Africa

VPS presents many benefits that users can take advantage of. This include:

  • Low cost – VPS is cheap compared to dedicated servers and users can pay only for what they consume.
  • More control and freedom – clients have superuser privilege on VPS and can install any software that can run on their OS. Also, clients can choose their favorite operating system to be installed.
  •  Flexible and scalable. Users can scale up or down allocated resources easily.

Where to find them?

You may be having an interest in owning a VPS but you yet to find a provider.

The best provider can be attributed through the low cost of packages, how the resources such as disk space, high bandwidth, RAM, etc. are distributed across the packages, number of OS supported, customer support

Below I have prepared a list of the best VPS servers in South Africa

  1. Truehost.Cloud

One of the leading providers of cloud services and VPS servers in South Africa. sells affordable VPS as low as $4.9 per month (Cheapest among all providers). They also sell other cloud services such as shared hosting, email hosting, domain registration, etc. 

Their VPS run SSD disk which is more resistant to shock and offers quick access. You also have the opportunity to enjoy features such as massive storage space, High processor speed, high RAM, etc. If you want to save that extra cash, then TrueHostCloud’s cheap VPS plans can be all you need. 

  1. Data Keepers

DataKeepers are located in Cape Town and they provide specialized service on VPS. Their minimum package sells at $6.5 per month.

They also provide the following features:

  1. I)               Free internal networking
  2. II)             Easy to use cloud panel

      III) Free weekly backup

  1. Neolo

Neolo provides several packages that users can buy.  They provide a minimum of 1TB bandwidth and somehow high RAM to all their packages.

All VPS run Intel Xeon with 4 cores x 2.67GHZ CPU burst. One of the drawbacks the packages are highly-priced with the lowest package selling at $20 per month. You can also buy optional WHM & Cpanel @ 25USD 


They only have servers running Intel and Dell hardware for performance. They though offer bandwidth that’s much lesser than that of TrueHostCloud and Neolo, they provide the following extra feature to clients:

i)  Free static IP

ii) Intel processors only

iii) Full DNS and RDNS control 

  1. EliteHost

EliteHost sells VPS running HDD disk with free setup cost and unlimited bandwidth. They also offer many packages with the cheapest going for R200 and the highest R1600.  Compared to features offered, EliteHost is somehow offer-priced

  1. HostAfrica

They support many Linux Distros with unlimited traffic. HostAfrica sells much less disk space with the lowest packages selling at R100. This VPS comes with one static IP address.


They provide a custom web interface that you can manage your VPS. You calculate the billing by taking the number of resources into account.

For instance, you will not be charged full when the VPS server is offline. If you need better service and user-friendly charges, then you may high consider RSAWEB. All this feature ranks them high among the providers of VPS servers in South Africa. However, they only support 3 distros of Linux and windows.


1-grid sells business VPN which contains massive resources i.e. pretty storage space and enough bandwidth. The cheapest plan sells at R899 with the following features:

i)  3T bandwidth

ii)  100GB disk space

iii)  4GB RAM

iv) CPanel account limit of 30


Cloud computing and VPS are never new topics in South Africa anymore with hundreds of providers and resellers in the market. 

Choosing the right provider may be a great boost. It’s advisable to perform an in-depth analysis of all providers and try gauging all the features provided to find a fit. 

Depending on your demand, you may trade-off the cost for some features such as space.

Regardless of that, the VPS market is very stiff which works well for the consumer of this market. However, you find it a dilemma getting your desired. 

The above list analyzes the features of VPS servers in the South Africa market to help you make an informed judgment.


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