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How To Get The Cheapest Domain Reseller Now

Are you looking for the cheapest domain reseller?

You are in the right place because, in this article, you will learn how to start a domain name reseller business.

I know you may be thinking that it already too late to start such a business. The truth is, it is never too late to start any venture as long as you have two things:

  • Promotion strategy
  • Brand

Yes, you need the two to move a reselling business from a mere struggling startup to a thriving business you’ve always dreamed about.

Here is the thing:

The domain selling market is competitive. Just do a quick search of ‘buy domain’ and see the results.

Cheapest Domain Reseller

Besides the ads dominating the SERP, those who make it to the first page are top brands like GoDaddy, Namecheap, and Google themselves.

Looking at this alone, it is easy to throw in the towel and focus on other things. But wait, not so fast.

As mentioned, there are ways you can make money through this business.

Why domain reseller business?

The outmost attractive thing about this business is its automation.

I mean, you can be anywhere in the world and your domain reseller business is making you money. It is the ultimate dream of the laptop lifestyle, where you only need a good internet connection and a laptop to make money.

But that is not all.

You don’t need to have any technical knowledge whatsoever. Why? Because the reseller vendor will be handling everything including the configuration. 

This leaves you with only focusing on bringing in customers.

How to start a successful domain reseller business

Domain reselling business can be likened to buying products in bulk, re-packaging them, and selling them to the final consumer.

In such a scenario, you have two options as far as making money is concerned;

  • Get cheapest domain reseller – with it, you can finally transfer the affordability to the final customer, thus winning you more clients
  • Offer upsells – here, you are offering complimentary products right after someone purchases a domain. For example, you can offer a cheaper domain and offer ID protection as a profit maker.

A wise domain reseller entrepreneur will use both. And I will show you the cheapest domain reseller today.

Tips to have a profitable domain reseller business

What you are about to see will help you make the business stand out from the competition, thus winning you more sales.

#1 – create a thematic brand

To be able to compete well and have your stake in the domains market, you need to have an angle of approach.

While everyone is selling every domain there is today, you should consider targeting a specific niche within the industry and give it all you can.

For example:

You can create a domain reselling business targeting .shop niche. Here, you will be focusing on online shops (e-commerce).

By having such a themed business, you are able to craft messages that resonate well with those who are looking to build online shops, unlike the rest who are targeting almost everyone.

Moreover, you can offer the standard .com, .net, .org domains as well as profit makers.

#2 – promotion strategy

When you search the keyword ‘buy domain’ you will see both ads and organic results.

Cheapest Domain Reseller

This shows you one; that ads are working. But there is a problem.

The cost per click (CPC) for this keyword is at $23.08. That is too much and you may not have a budget yet for such.

So what should you do?

Do not throw in all of your money on search engine marketing (SEM). Instead, focus on other advertising avenues such as Facebook ads, Instagram Ads, and LinkedIn.

Additionally, leverage SEO to rank your articles. 

For example:

Since you are targeting the e-commerce market, you should build a content marketing strategy around online selling, targeting both the beginners and established owners.

#3 – Pricing

Competing on price is never a good strategy. There is always someone who will offer a cheaper domain price than you.

Being new makes you think lower prices will work. Well, it does until it doesn’t.

Instead, you can offer average prices (or even higher) and stand out on customer service.

To sustain this, make sure you get a cheaper domain reseller.

How to get the cheapest domain reseller

Now, the success of your reseller business is hinged on having the best provider. Because even if you have everything working in harmony, choosing the wrong domain registrar will cost you business.

Think of the registrar as the engine powering your business.

Truehost Cloud is one of the cheapest domain resellers there is the market today.

We provide TurnKey Solution for a web hosting company, giving you two crucial tools:

First, the WHM allows easy and automated creation of a Cpanel account for every of your domain.

And secondly, the WHMCS. This software will allow you as a domain reseller to automate billing and account creation.

Why Truehost Cloud?

  • Reliability – 99.9% uptime of server guaranteed
  • Scalability – Upgrade your package with a click of a button
  • Value for Money – with resources such as WHM and WHMCS and other resources each package is worth more than 500% of its offered price.
  • Full Control and Flexibility – Create and allocate resources to your customers from WHM with ease. It is from here where you can suspend and terminate any account at ease. 

One more thing; we have more products such as SSL certificates, custom scripts, and web hosting. This means that you have more than one avenues to generate income once you are on the Truehost Cloud Platform.

What to do next

Here is a quick summary of this cheapest domain reseller opportunity:

  • 50+ gTLDs & ccTLDs for you to sell
  • Best domain prices in the market
  • 300+ new gTLDs domain for you to sell
  • Free API integration for automated ordering and registration via WHMCS


Get started Now.


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