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VPS or VM Backup
Virtual Private Server or Virtual Machine Backup is an innovative cloud storage solution that allow full backup and restore of VPS/VMs.




Full Disk Imaging
Allow full protection of the entire Virtual Machine or VPS with full backup images for file system and data.
Also allow complete recovery of full image or selected directories, files or applications.


Number one Virtual Server Backup Solution
Support both agent based and agentless backup and recovery to and from all the six major hypervisors.
Allow easy migration between all the six major hypervisors and to and from physical machines i.e V2V, V2P, P2P and P2V


Number one Cloud Protection
Are you running popular cloud services like Office 365, Azure VMs, and Amazon EC2? You can now migrate easily from one cloud, virtual or physical systems P2C, V2C, C2C, C2V and C2P


NetApp SAN Storage Snapshots Support
Allow offloading load from cloud infrastructure by backing up VMware VM snapshots to NetApp SAN storage.


Cloudpap Universal Restore
Downtime and long Restore Time can be very expensive to a business. Universal restore functionality allow cross platform restore, restore either Linux or Windows systems to any hardware such as bare-metal physical, virtual and cloud.


Cloudpap Instant Restore
Did you know you can now launch an instant restore..? Zero RTO allow starting up of Linux and Windows backup from the storage as a WMware WM withpout need to do any data migration.


Virtualhost Backup and Restore Option
Allow backup of the entire virtualhost and not individual VM or VPS and easy restoration of the Virtualhost to similar or dissimilar infrastructure including Bare-Metal Recovery. Supported Virtualhost include Hyper-V, VMware, ESXi


 Bare-Metal Recovery Remotely via WAN
Innovative ways of reducing RTOs of offsite system now allow access of bootable media and remote bare-metal restore via WAN.


Automatic Bare-Metal Recovery
Cut RTOs by scripting to customize bootable media for automated Bare-Metal Recovery of mission critical projects.


Deduplication Technology for Resource utilization
Achieve most effective bandwidth and storage capacity utilization using variable block-size deduplication.


Powerful Management Console
Access and control your entire cloud storage from an intuitive management console.


Role based user management
Manage users based on their roles, departments, branches, multi-company setup. Supports multiple administrators.


Create your own Dashboard.
Customize user dashboard to display critical insights based on role. Utilize charts and graphs and rich reports.


Custom and advanced Reporting
Create multiple realtime, intuitive, customizable reports, graphs and charts


Cloudpap data and Ransomware protection
Using block-chain technology and anti-ransomware technology Cloudpap proactively detects and prevents suspicious changes to data, files and apps and hence reduce need for recovery


Cloudpap Notary
Advance block-chain certification technology for promoting validity and authenticity of data backup and recovery.
This is compliant with regulatory requirements


Cloudpap ASign
ASign is a digital signature for a collaboration environment that support authenticity of files while being shared with partners such as users, customers, suppliers.


Military grade Encryption Options
Allow military grade data security through AES-128/AES-256 encryption of backup files, data, apps and metadata.
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