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Olitt vs Shopify

When talking aabout Olitt vs Shopify, who would not want an online store that generates income for them as they sleep? Well, it sounds all fun and plays but initially, it must be work and sweat. We are here to give you a breather from the hustle of choosing a website builder by reviewing two outstanding ones, Olitt vs Shopify.

Anxious about promoting your products, growing revenues, increasing traffic, and all the big goals that you have for growing your online store? Let us find out smart ways you can leverage on your website and make it a reality.

Grow Your Site with these ten tips

  • Accurate shipping costs; not too low to prevent losses and not too high to be in range with competitors
  • Great brand and products; consistently evaluate if you are still relevant in the market
  • Create a site that is easy to use and at the same time matches up to your brand.
  • A well-planned promotion strategy considering timing, content, channel, and the messaging itself.
  • A seamless inventory management
  • A robust traffic generation strategy
  • High conversion rates by having a straightforward site for online shopping
  • Understand your site’s analytics and make meaningful improvements
  • Use an on-site search that works fast and accurately

Now let us find out how Olitt vs Shopify match up to the aforementioned tips and get our winner for the dream store!

Edge Websites

Olitt enables you to create professional, stunning, and outstanding sites using the inbuilt templates and the easy drag and drop editor. In addition, your clients can safely access your site from anywhere in the world.

Shopify has numerous quality designs that are also mobile-friendly. Like Olitt, it also has a simple editor for the users and in addition, provides beginner guides and extensive documentation.

This is a tight match for Olitt vs Shopify but in this case, Olitt is more straightforward hence it gets the win!


Olitt SEO tools optimize websites for search engine ranking. Search engines are like the gateway to your website visitors on the internet which is a great asset for your online store.

When creating your online store with Shopify, you almost have to depend on organic search engines to sell online. The other way would be having a massive influence on social media as Shopify’s SEO is quite limited which may be a deal-breaker for you.

On this one, Olitt gets an easy win!


Olitt has readymade payment integrations. You can easily collect payments from your site using PayPal or Stripe and more will be integrated with time.

Shopify is endowed with up to 100 external payment processors. A few common ones that we can highlight include PayPal, Credit card, Bitpay, etc.

In this category, Shopify gets the win!

SSL Gateway

All websites and landing pages that you create with Olitt come with a free SSL certificate. Security is a crucial aspect of your online store as payments and a lot of personal information will be processed through your site. You definitely want to keep malicious hands miles away from it.

Shopify encrypts customer data and payment transactions through SSL. This is included at no additional cost and you can even use your own checkout domain.

Olitt vs Shopify get a tie in this category.

Fast Loading Site

Incredibly, all websites and landing pages on Olitt are connected to a reliable CDN network. The CDN network has more than 42PoPs in five continents which makes online stores built with Olitt amazingly fast from whichever part of the world.

Shopify guarantees you with 99.99% uptime which is a great deal for any site. However, some Shopify sites are limited in operation to some regions.

This makes Olitt our winner for this category.


Olitt pricing is so far the cheapest in the market. As much as they have a free plan, the premium plans would serve your online store better which is almost like the price of coffee.


On the other hand, Shopify’s pricing plans are quite high as compared to Olitt.


Tracking your site

You can integrate google web tools like google analytics and tag manager to your site using Olitt. This enables you to monitor and track the traffic on your site hence make smart moves.

Shopify reports are simply amazing. You not only get behavior reports like conversation rates and check out rates, but you also get reports on how you got your visitors, sale taxes, payments, and other real-time reports. This is like your ingenious online store manager.

For this category, Shopify gets the win.

 Generally, we have seen that as much as Olitt is not as popular as Shopify, it has a great shot in running an online store. For small online stores, Olitt is highly recommended for you and Shopify will serve you better if you are looking forward to having a huge one. 


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