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Olitt vs GoDaddy: Who Saves You Money? Find Out Now

Today, we are looking at Olitt vs GoDaddy. You must have heard about GoDaddy. It spends millions in marketing and yes, it is one of the biggest companies in the web hosting world which is publicly traded and got millions in profit to prove it.

On the other hand, we have a rich mine called Olitt which may not be very popular at the moment, but it is designed with the needs of the users at the core. Their package is what every website builder should be using. 

Olitt vs GoDaddy is the exact website builders to look out for in the current market. Below we will look at how well they serve the most important user needs.


Domains are the direct link between your website and users. It is the ‘home’ address identity to your website. They help customers find your website more easily.

Here are a few tips to help you find a good domain name:

  • Make it easy to remember
  • Don’t register a domain name that is copyrighted, trademarked, or used by another company
  • Use a shorter domain name
  • Include your city or country in your domain name so that local customers can easily access you
  • Avoid numbers or symbols
  • Use more than one domain name when the traffic on your website grows.

Olitt Domains

Olitt domains are the cheapest you can ever come across in the market. Why? because their prices are mark-up free.

They have more than 400 domain extensions that you can choose from.

To add, they make it very easy for you to create, transfer, or link your domain to your site on Olitt.  What makes Olitt stand out form all other website builders is that you can go live with a custom domain at no additional cost. One of the best features that you will also come across is the free DNS management tool that allows the addition and management of unlimited domain names. 

GoDaddy Domains

GoDaddy has gained influence over time and has a whopping 20 million customers and more than 80 million domain names under management. They enable you to buy or transfer your domain and they also have a selling option that is different from Olitt. With the selling option, you can buy domains and sell them at a profit. 

Previously, GoDaddy had the most popular packages but now Olitt has surpassed that in terms of pricing.

Let us look at a few comparisons from the most popular domain names.

Domain Olitt Pricing GoDaddy Pricing
.com $8.49 $11.99
.net $11.29 $14.99


As you have observed, choosing the best for Olitt vs GoDaddy is quite hard for this category as both of them have various strongholds.

For a user, getting a domain name is not just enough, you may want to manage your domain names more easily and get one at an affordable cost. With this, Olitt gets the win unless you want to sell domains and that is when you can go for GoDaddy.

Ease of use

Olitt has a drag and drop editor, customized templates, and even prebuilt websites that users can explore. You can basically publish your website within a span of five minutes.

GoDaddy has a pretty intuitive interface which is recommendable for beginners.

For both GoDaddy and Olitt, you do not need coding knowledge to create a website. For Olitt vs GoDaddy in this category, it a tie!


For you to have a successful website, users must trust that you are protecting them from viruses and all malicious users from the wild web. We are talking about your business, brand storefront, social gathering place, and your special resource that could be at risk. 

GoDaddy offers your site with security features like the SSL certificate, Website Security, and Website Back-up. These ones show your customers that you are trustworthy and authentic. Here are the pricing plans for SSL certificates.


Olitt understands the vulnerability of your site on the wild web. For this reason, they provide free SSL certificates for all websites and landing pages, including the free ones. This way your credibility and security of your site are assured. 

Olitt gets the win for this category.

Fast-loading site 

GoDaddy has a rock-solid uptime of up to 99.97%. This is an incredible speed that will ensure that your site gets above-average search engine rankings hence more visitors on your site. 

Olitt is connected to a global CDN that has more than 42PoPs in five continents. This makes your site have fast loading pages.

For Olitt vs GoDaddy, it’s a tie!


GoDaddy is known for upselling. This makes most of its packages quite expensive as much as they could be offering very good products and services. Their money-back guarantee is also not so straightforward for many users so you must read the terms very carefully before subscribing to any package.


Olitt is currently the most affordable hosting service in the market currently. You can basically operate a free website for as long as you want with Olitt and their premium plans are as a cup of coffee. Don’t mistake affordable with cheap, unbelievably, you will get an edge website and compete equally in the market.

The pricing match for Olitt vs GoDaddy, Olitt gets the win!


Customer support

GoDaddy offers 24/7 customer support from phone support, live chat, and a knowledge base. The live chat allows you to point out your problem from where you are connected to a support agent which takes approximately a minute.

Olitt has a very dependable live chat with 24/7 support. They also provide phone support and video tutorials.

GoDaddy has improved in leaps over time with their customer support. Hence they get the win in this category.


As much GoDaddy is very popular, we have seen that Olitt is up to the required standards for a website builder. Unless you want to spend so much in creating a website builder, Olitt will provide you with all it takes to create a thriving website. 


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