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NameCheap VPN: What You Need To Know

In this article, we will reveal more information about NameCheap VPN.

Are you using a VPN? 

A virtual private network, or VPN, is a secure and encrypted connection between your computer and the internet. 

It creates an unbroken data pipeline from your device to whatever site you are trying to access in order to keep that information away from prying eyes. 

You can use it for all sorts of things;

  • Connecting back home when you are traveling abroad so that family members can check on your house while you are gone
  • Protecting yourself against cyberattacks like the one we saw happen with Equifax last year (it’s also helpful if there are ever problems with public wifi networks)
  • Or just accessing content that might be blocked by geographic restrictions. 

And because they encrypt everything coming over their connection, they also provide protection against snoopers and hackers.

Drawbacks of using a VPN

But VPNs are not without their drawbacks, either. 

They will slow down your connection speeds considerably – so much that in some cases it can be as bad as using a dial-up modem for internet access (although the difference may only be noticeable on very fast connections). 

That means if you are someone who does anything requiring an extremely quick connection speed like video chatting with family members overseas or playing online games against opponents halfway across the world, then using a VPN could make things difficult for you. 

You will also need to pay close attention when signing up for one because they don’t come free at all.

Most people actually end up paying 12-month subscriptions which cost over $100 per year just to use them regularly! 

And finally, they are not at all compatible with certain types of devices – like those running Windows Phone, for instance.

It’s also worth mentioning that some VPN services are better than others in terms of privacy and security because while most encrypt your data when it travels over their connection to the internet, there are a few which claim to have cracked through encryption protocols or offer ‘military grade’ protection. 

These more secure ones will usually cost significantly more though, like NameCheap VPN as we will discuss in a few. 

So before you sign up for one be sure to check out customer reviews online (and don’t forget that if someone is trying to sell you something then it might actually be malware instead!). 

You can find these by doing web searches using phrases like “best VPN Reddit” or checking sites like The Wirecutter.

NameCheap VPN features and costs

If you’re still interested in using a VPN, there is this NameCheap VPN. Let us look at what it has to offer.

Namecheap claims to offer the following features with their VPN;

  • Security and Privacy
  • You can hide your IP Address
  • No Logs – They do not track, collect, or share your personal data
  • Unblock Websites
  • Unlimited Devices and Bandwidth
  • 24/7 Customer Support

And the best thing about NameCheap VPN is the Kill Switch.

This is a feature that enables you to auto-connect and stay connected at all times.

Cost of NameCheap VPN?

Well, It comes with three plans, the lowest being a free trial for the first 30 days.

After that, you can start paying $5.88 per month.

But there is another NameCheap VPN plan going for $1 per month for the first year. This one, you pay $12 and renew at $34.56 afterward.

Having said that, here is a question most people struggle with;

Is a VPN worth it?

VPNs are worth it if you’re doing serious work on the internet, like banking or business tasks. It is not a good idea for people who spend most of their time streaming movies and downloading songs because they’ll slow down your connection speeds significantly. 

However, VPNs can be very helpful in protecting yourself from cyberattacks which is why we recommend them to everyone! 

You should also understand that some VPN services, like NameCheap VPN, offer better security than others.

As such, before making a decision make sure to research customer reviews online first and only sign up for one after carefully considering all pros and cons.

Best NameCheap VPN alternatives

As we mentioned, VPNs aren’t cheap and they’re not compatible with all devices. That’s why we recommend the following providers: 

Express VPN

ExpressVPN because it’s one of the cheapest options on this list while still offering strong security and incredible speeds (around 30% slower than a normal connection).

It requires an upfront payment but you can get it for as little as $12.95 per month if you sign up for 12 months in advance which is just over $100 per year total! 

And best of all, they offer 24/365 customer support through live chat so that even if something goes wrong or your internet connectivity drops out entirely they’ll be able to help you find your way back online – no more trying endlessly to figure out what went wrong or how to get back online on your own.


NordVPN is a good choice for people who want the security of military-grade encryption protocols without paying sky-high prices – it’s just $11.95 per month and they offer unlimited data transfers (unlike most other providers). 

They also have a killswitch feature that will disconnect you from the internet if their connection drops out so that nobody can snoop in on anything important while you’re offline! 


IPVanish has been around since 2012, making them one of the oldest VPN services available today, but fortunately, they haven’t let age slow them down as evidenced by their fantastic speeds (<30% slower than normal) and competitive pricing at $62-$77 per year. 

They have a huge range of servers and are one of the few providers that can unblock Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, etc – you name it!

Hide My Ass VPN

Hide My Ass is our last recommendation as the best NameCheap VPN alternative because they are not quite as good as some other VPN services in terms of customer service or security but their prices are very affordable at $54 per year for unlimited data transfers (unlike most other providers). 

And if there’s something wrong with your internet connection then they’ll be able to help fix it with their live chat support which we really appreciate seeing on all these different types of websites.


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