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MSSQL Backup

Cloudpap MSSQL Backup is an effective backup and restore solution for Microsoft SQL server instance and databases as well.
It backs MSSQL Server instances, databases, tables, logs and many other components on a MSSQL Server instance.
The solution include a simple to use wizard for easy configuration and implementation.

Some of the features of Cloudpap recovery for MSSQL Server include:



  1. Cloudpap Recovery for MS SQL Server Assistant – A simplified but intuitive wizard graphical user interface for simplified implementation of the backup solution.
  2. Point-in-Time recovery – A comprehensive back up transaction Logs and a simplified but intuitive graphical user interface that allow database restoration to a specific point in time.
  3. Automated recovery to point-of-failure – A single click restore option to a point of failure or disaster occurrence with zero data loss.
  4.  Disaster Recovery Plan – One of the important feature that emails s Disaster Recovery Plan to users with a simple step by step guide on the process of database recovery.Allow non-technical users and first time users to restore or recover easily.
  5. Importing a preexisting Microsoft SQL Server Maintenance Plan – A feature that allow configuration of backup stratergy by importing MSSQL Server Maintenance Plan file.
  6. Rolling snapshot creation – Supported on MSSQL Server 2005 Enterprise only. Databases are easily recovered from automatic snapshots by discarding changes.
  7. Encryption – All backups are protected with military grade encryption technologies.
  8. Compression – Powerful data compression technology allow more than 10 times data compression.
  9. Bandwidth throttling – Effective bandwidth utilization through throttling to effective network resource utilization.
  10. Notifications System – Realtime notification system via email and SNMP protocol.
  11. Automated recovery staging – All the recovery steps can be staggered and executed as one step
  12. Hot Backup – Hot backup option allow online database backup thus ensuring as realtime 24/7 availability.
  13. Restore to another Microsoft SQL Server version – Seamless database restoration to newer MSSQL Server Installations.
  14. Advance Scheduling – Allow scheduling of the entire backup plan, Full, Differential, and Transaction Logs in just one step.
  15. Software Development Kit (SDK) – Cloudpap Recovery for MS SQL Server SDK is provided separately for clients to custom develop backup and restore process in compliant with regulations and internal work processes.

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